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B&B C7 Stingray Bullet

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Billy Boat Performance Exhaust, the manufacturer of complete automotive exhaust assemblies, is the worlds' source for C7 Corvette Performance Mufflers. The Bullet is the most aggressive performance exhaust system to be released, and has quickly become the industry standard for a deep, aggressive muscle car sound. A full 3" system, the Gen 2 version of the Bullet incorporates a smaller, yet very effective PRT resonator to help control the drone at cruising speeds. It also incorporates a exclusive 3" butterfly valve for 4 cylinder mode to provide a free flowing system that produces unmatched sound quality and performance. Choose your choice of tips from 4.5" Quad oval tips, 4" Quad Round tips, or dual 'Speedway' tips. *Causes no error codes for those with factory bi-modal exhaust systems
B&B C7 Stingray Bullet
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