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C5 A&A Supercharger Kit

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Supercharger Kit
A&A Corvette units are one of the leading supercharger kits for late model Corvettes in the country.   This custom system was designed and refined by us for improved performance, reliability and simplicity. The standard V-2 Si Trim head unit is used in conjunction with our custom made intercooler, bracket assembly and duct work. Our exclusive bracket assembly is a departure from other designs. It is rigidly mounted at FIVE points to assure the supercharger will not move about under the high loads it is subjected to. Our bracket plates are CNC machined from 5/8" 6061 aluminum and then broached on both sides to assure absolute flatness. This is crucial for accurate belt alignment. All our pulley spacers are also CNC machined and the pulley alignment is actually double checked with a laser. A NEW tensioner is mounted next to the crankshaft pulley in a reverse fashion with a smooth 3", double bearing pulley. This pulls the belt around the crankshaft pulley by over 180 degrees and routes it straight up to the supercharger via dual idler pullies. The new sliding idler increases belt wrap on the blower pulley almost to the point where the belt touches itself on the other side. This allows for the most belt wrap possible. Ours is the only system that increases belt contact area on the blower pulley AND the crankshaft pulley. The belt is considerably shorter with our system and there are no long runs of unguided belt to eliminate unwanted belt "whip". The extra wrap on the crankshaft and blower pulleys all but eliminate belt slippage. (We also offer a full set of 8 rib pulleys for higher horsepower applications, if desired) Total tubing length from supercharger to intercooler is kept to a minimum and is increased to 3" diameter. The intercooler outlet is 4" as is the powder-coated, mandrel-bent tubing connecting the intercooler to the throttle body. A custom ABS shroud seals in the air filter and intercooler, while showing off the powder-coated tubing, stainless "T Band" clamps and bright silicone couplers. All our brackets and spacers are professionally "show" polished as is the supercharger itself. This is one system that looks as good as it performs! Our system also allows you to retain the factory dual cooling fans and brake ducts, unlike others. The air inlet allows cool, unrestricted air from in front of the radiator to enter the supercharger. *BLACK KIT ONLY AVAILABLE WITH V3-Si Head Unit The system includes everything you need and now includes 42# injectors, upgraded fuel pump, and upgraded billet blow-off valve (BOV).   *OFF ROAD USE ONLY*
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