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G2 Performance Diffs

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LG Motorsports offers this must-have upgrade for those of you that wish to get that neck-snapping acceleration that only a lower gear change can deliver! Units are purchased on an exchange basis, or we can perform a complete turn-key installation in-house for your convenience. Each differential performs OEM quiet guaranteed and make no mistake; LG has the best built, most durable and strongest Corvette IRS differentials available! They are built with quality and durability in mind as an engineering target, not just price, as you deserve nothing less than the best for your high performance Corvette. Give LG Motorsports a call today to upgrade your Corvette's drivetrain and leave your competition broken on the starting line! STAGE 2: Media Blast Case New Seals C6 Z06 Left Shaft C6 Z06 2-Piece Right Shaft OEM Clutch Packs HD Pre-Load Springs Performance Metal Micropolished Gears STAGE 3: 300M Left Shaft 300M 2-Piece Right Shaft Upgraded Carbon Clutch Packs C6 Z06 Pinion Support STAGE 4: Quaife ATB or Wavetrac differential C6Z06 requires Stage 3 or Stage 4 Diff
G2 Performance Diffs
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