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LG ZR28 Gen5 Camaro Fitment Wheels

This sinister black beauty is ready to transform your Gen5 Camaro into the animal it was designed to be. These will greatly increase grip on your Camaro by increasing width of the wheel from a 8/9 to a 10/11" combo allowing much more tire to the ground for straight line and corning grip!

What it fits:
-2010-current V6 Camaro
-2010-current SS Camaro
-2013-current 1LE Camaro
-2013-current ZL1 Camaro


-Do I need new lug nuts? No, your stock nuts will work
-Will they accept my tire pressure sensors? Yes, you can use your stock or any stock replacement sensor
-Do they come with center caps? Yes, center caps are included
-Will they clear larger brakes? Those wanting to upgrade their brakes this will increase your clearance for BBKs
-Suggested tire sizes? Fronts should be a 275 or 285 width 20" and the rears a 305 or 315 width 20". Many SS customers can use their rears as fronts and just purchase rear tires
-What finish do they come in? Flat black only at this time as a no cost option.
-Feel free to ask about tire packages!

-20x10 front
-20x11 rear

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    LG Motorsports is proud to bring you the first LGM style wheel, the LG ZR28 Gen5 Camaro Wheel. Sizing will be 20x10 front and 20x11 rear wheel. These will fit all V6, V8, and ZL1 Camaro's with no modifications.  You can reuse your TPMS and lug nuts or ask us about optional McGuard lug nuts. This sinister black beauty is ready to transform your Gen5 Camaro into the animal it was designed to be!! To reduce costs but still retain a quality wheel we are using a pressure cast method for production just like the Camaro SS wheel.  All wheels will be finished in a satin black powder coat for a high quality durable finish.  20x10 front 20x11 rear Satin black powder coat finish Accepts TPMS     SOLD IN SETS OF FOUR WHEELS  

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    Additional Info

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