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  1. One Ethanol - Back in Stock!

    One Ethanol - BACK IN STOCK!

    Thanks again to Robert at Real Street for getting our 4 pallets of One Ethanol filled and shipped quickly!

    [Race Day pick-up available!]

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  2. C8 Corvette Monoball Control Arm Bushings

    Another first from LG Motorsports!

    New LG Motorsports C8 Corvette Monoball Control Arm Bushings!
    This is a product that needs no introduction.

    These are available for pre-order!
    If you have any questions call us at: 972-429-1963

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  3. 5th Gen Camaro Super Sale!

    We need to make room in our inventory center for the upcoming stock of LG C8 headers, exhaust, and suspension parts. As well as our Mk5 Supra Carbon Heritage products.
    Lucky for you, that means we're having a SALE!

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