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Brembo Grand Tourismo Big Brake Kit - 2010 Camaro

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No one makes a higher quality product than Brembo. Each kit is designed in the US and validated by Brembo – Italy for proper bias and performance. These Brembo kits are truly the top of the line for your Camaro braking performance, you simply can't go wrong with them!
  • The Brembo Gran Turismo kits for the 2010 Camaro include:
  • Six piston monobloc calipers with integral bridge for outstanding stiffness.
  • Zinc plated high carbon disc, drilled or slotted, directionally vaned.
  • TUV, DOT approved floating hardware.
  • Aircraft aluminum lightweight hats.
  • High performance pads made exclusively for Brembo by Ferodo.
  • Custom Goodridge stainless braided brake lines with lifetime warranty.
  • Complete installation manual and hardware. The Brembo GT (Gran Turismo ) line is dedicated to the most demanding customers. This braking system originates from the Racing components, consisting of a ventilated, integral or composite disc, available drilled or slotted, 4, 6 and 8 piston aluminium calipers, a complete set of high performance brake pads, metal braid tubes and high quality small parts. 1. High Performance Friction Material: Aggressive pads that provide the highest level of performance. 2. Cross-Drilled or Slotted Discs: Clears gasses, cleans pads for better “bite”. 3. Mounting Brackets and Assembly Hardware: Aircraft quality included and pre-torqued specifications. 4. Stainless Steel Braided Brake Line: DOT/TÜV approved. 5. “Floating” Disc Mounting System with Billet Aluminium Hat: Reduce “Unsprung Weight” for better handling and reduces heat-related stress; increases brake performance and pedal feel. 6. Four, Six or Eight Piston Cast Aluminium Calipers: Provide maximum braking force without the flex of sliding calipers. *Not all rotors sizes fit behind OEM wheels. Make sure you know what size wheels you will be using before choosing your rotor size. As a "general" rule, the rotor size should be no more than 4" below what your wheel size is. For example, 19" Wheels, rotor size should not be bigger than 15" or 380mm*
  • Upgrade your Camaro's brakes to an awesome 15" Grand Tourismo system from Brembo. Ultra High Performance Brembo Gran Turismo Brake System packages were developed to offer race-inspired braking components that are endowed with several significant advantages over a vehicle
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