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LG C6 Super Ram CAI system

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  Designed in house here at LG Motorsports and tested for years in our Corvette World Challenge and Grand AM GT racing programs, comes the LG SUPER RAM! Finally the LG Motorsports Super Ram cold air induction is finished and released to the public! We have been testing and perfecting this setup over the last year and now they are ready to ship to our customers! Notice the separation of the intake air from the radiator air. This separation is not present in other cold air systems and this makes this a true Ram Air, not pulling hot air from the radiator. Only cold air from the front enters the Super Ram, and through a panel filter then to the engine with about 14 inches of water pressure*. -Tested during the 2010-2011 GrandAM season. The entire unit is carbon fiber and is a 100% replacement for your OEM radiator shroud. Retains all factory hold downs and also oil cooler mounting locations. Air bridge/filter assembly is also 100% carbon fiber and retains the OEM MAF sensor. 100% sealed engine air intake to front grill work 100% sealed radiator air intake high flow washable filter Huge air intake plenum for max air flow carbon fiber construction Uses LS3/LS7 stlye MAF Retains all OEM mounts for accessories NO MIXING OF HOT RADIATOR AIR TO COLD ENGINE AIR! *Requires LS3/LS7 Style maf for LS2 applications
LG C6 Super Ram CAI system
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