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Cam Kits by LG

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Trying to find a camshaft for your Corvette, Camaro or other LS powered vehicle? Let Lou Gigliotti's thirty plus years of racing experience work for you. LG Motorsports has a custom cam for any application. Each cam is a custom grind manufactured to the closest tolerances by Comp Cams. We use only the best valve train components available for the LS series of engines. LG motorsports has seen on numerous installs, gains of 70 rear wheel horsepower from our G5X3 cam. No streetable cam makes more power. Our G5 series of cams were designed to work with LS1, LS6 and LS2 engines. Our G6 series of cams were designed to work with LS3 engines . Our G7 series of cams were designed to work with LS7 engines. Don't see what you need below? Call us and we will engineer a cam specifically for your application. Kit includes Camshaft, Comp 921 Dual Valve Springs, Hardened Push Rods, Titanium Retainers, Seats, Seals and a Heavy Duty Timing Chain.. *Be sure to check piston to valve clearances on any build. XE: Smooth Idle, designed for stock engines, 1,500-6,200 RPM range, works with stock converter, 40+hp X1: Needs Headers, 1,500-6,500 RPM range, slight idle change, stock to 2,200 stall converter suggested, 40+hp X2: Needs Headers, 1,700-6,700 RPM range, slightly aggressive idle, 2,600 - 3000 stall converter suggested, 50+hp X3: Needs Headers. gears suggested, 2,000-6,800 RPM range, lumpy idle, 3,400-3,800 stall converter suggested, 60+hp X4: Needs Headers: gears highly suggested, 2,8000-7,000 RPM range, race like idle, 4,200+stall converter, 70+hp X5: Needs Headers, clutch needed, 3,000-7000 RPM range, forged pistons recommended, suited for track, 70+hp XB: LG Motorsports designed camshaft for Forced Induction Engines XX: Race Applications Only, Headers, gears, intake and stall converter needed, 4,400+ stall converter, 85+hp C7Z LT4 G4X3B - 1,800-7,000 RPM C7Z LT4 G4XXB - 2,200-7,400 RPM C6 LS3 G6XE - Idle to 6,500 RPM C6 LS3 G6X1 - 1,600-6,800 RPM C6 LS3 G6X3 - 3,000-7,000 RPM C6Z LS7 G7XE - Idle to 6,500 RPM C6Z LS7 G7X1 - 1,500-6,800 RPM C6Z LS7 G7X3 - 2,400-7,000 RPM C6Z LS7 G7X4 - 2,800-7,000 RPM C6Z LS7 G7X5 - 3,000-7,000 RPM C6Z LS7 G7XX - 3,400-7,200 RPM C6Z LS7 G7XB - 1,400-7,200 RPM C5/C6 LS1/2/6 G5XE - Idle - 6,200 RPM C5/C6 LS1/2/6 G5X1 - 1,800-6,600 RPM C5/C6 LS1/2/6 G5X2 - 2,000-6,800 RPM C5/C6 LS1/2/6 G5X3 - 2,500-6,800 RPM C5/C6 LS1/2/6 G5X4 - 2,500-7,000 RPM C5/C6 LS1/2/6 G5XX - 3,200-7,200 RPM C5/C6 LS1/2/6 G5XB - Forced Induction Applications
Cam Kits by LG
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