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C7 Alky Control Methanol Injection

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Features a boost referenced, progressive meth controller which automatically releases increasing amounts of methanol as boost increases. This progression ensures smooth and even fuel delivery so that the transition or power remains smooth all the way up to redline. Alky Control Systems use only the best components. Braided Stainless Steel Lines, a High Volume Methanol specific pump, sealed electrical connectors and brass fittings. Methanol is a highly effective addition for your force induced car for a number of reasons. First, Methanol injection is a highly efficient chemical intercooler. By injecting methanol into the inlet of a supercharged car, intake air temperatures (IAT’s) can be reduced by more than 80% (depending on ambient air temperatures) and allow your tuner to run more timing and therefore making more HP. Secondly, Methanol burns at the equivalent of 110 octane fuel, effectively halting detonation that can be present with lower octane fuels. Methanol works to keep your engine cleaner, and helps remove carbon deposits that can form on the pistons, which can effective change engine compression and combustion properties.
  • PAC Progressive controller
  • Modified pump (for methanol)
  • Stainless braided hoses pre-assembled
  • Complete Harness w/everything needed
  • 2 Bar GM MAP sensor with regulator
  • Includes Installation Instructions with Tuning Tips
  • 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty Options Dual Nozzle for 650+ RWHP
  • C7 Alky Control Methanol Injection
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