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Cobalt Racing C7 Stingray Brake Pads

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--RELEASE-- LG Motorsports is proud to bring you Cobalt Racing Technology pads for your Corvette Stingray. If you are going to be tracking your new C7 Stingray you will need a better pad on the car than the OEM equipment. For those tracks hard on brakes as well as experienced drivers are going to find the factory brake pads are just not up to the task of repeated hard use of the brake pedal. We at LG Motorsports have chosen the best for our own race cars with Cobalt Friction Technologies (Cobalt Racing Brakes) brake pads. We have been using Cobalt pads on our own race cars since 2006 and have not used anything else on them since! Easy on rotors, great initial bite, and awesome wear rates make them the best pads on the market today. Through our testing at many tracks in our own Corvettes and World Challenge race car we have selected the best brake pads we could find for your C7 on track.  These XR1 compound front and XR1 compound rear pads will give you the best bite on track and optimial stopping power at any track.  Sold in axle sets.
Cobalt Racing C7 Stingray Brake Pads
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