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G2 Skip Shift Eliminator

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Eliminates annoying 1st-4th forced shift pattern & 2nd gear lockout on GM 6-speeds. 30 second easy install (no cutting or splicing)... Just jack the car up, locate the gold skip shift solenoid (above the orange sticker which says "Use Dexron Fluid"), unplug the skip shift harness, and plug the G2 Skip Shift Eliminator into the solenoid and the ship shift harness. No "Service Engine Soon" lights, compatible with 1996-2007 OBD-II computer systems. Water proof connections. Guaranteed to work - lifetime warranty. Actually tricks the computer into thinking it's still connected (don't be fooled by cheap imitations which just disconnect the skip shift and seal the ends off with plugs). *OFF ROAD USE ONLY*
G2 Skip Shift Eliminator
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