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LG C7 Corvette G2D Drag Coilovers

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  • Fits all C7 Models
  • Inverted shock design for reduced unsprung weight
  • Total loss of 16.8 lbs
  • Custom built to order for your car
  • Proven Bilstein/LG Motorsports shock design
  • Rebuildable shocks
  • Proven HyperCo springs
  • All mounts included for a bolt on design
  • Spherical mounting for a bind free install

 Models with Magnetic Ride must purchase Magnetic Ride Simulators


Custom kits require custom components to be ordered at the time of purchase therefore there is a 30% cancellation fee. 


Many of you know our proven road racing suspension products from our years of winning on tracks around the world, now we are proud to bring you our latest in drag racing with our G2 Drag coilover kit for Corvette's.

These are a great compliment to the proven billet drag spindle and will further enhance your Corvette's traction at the line. Not only is there an improvement in grip, but there is also a loss of 16.8 lbs of weight by removing the heavy factory leaf spring and OEM shock setup.

Like all of our G2 coil overkits, these are all hand built to order per your car and setup.

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