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LG C6 GT2 Tunneled Splitter

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LG Motorsports is proud to release our GT2 splitter for your C6 ZR1/Z06/GS Corvette

-This new release is a direct evolution of our ALMS GT2, GrandAm, and Spectre Hill Climb Corvettes and the aero work from those programs.  Initial prototypes were tested for the last two years at the Spectre Hill Climb on our very own ZR1 and have won both years and set new Corvette records each time we went.  We added a full 3+ inches of horizontal surface to the ZR1 splitter for a massive increase in downforce along with a pair of tunnels to each side to give your Corvette the front bite it needs on track.

-This full carbon, reinforced splitter only weighs in at 11.1lbs total! Can be purchased with our without our own mounting kit, but the unit must be frame mounted, no fascia support will carry the downforce of this splitter!  Unlike current undertray splitters on the market this DOES NOT REQUIRE major modifications like radiator relocation, custom fabricated support structures, or lengthy build times.  This splitter bolts onto the factory radiator supports with production mounts we provide (optional install kit) or you can build your own.  It does require the Z06/ZR1/GS nose and will not fit base model nose cars.  Should also be used in conjunction with our LG GT2 wing for a balanced aero package.

-THERE IS NO OTHER SPLITTER ON THE MARKET EVEN CLOSE     "I can tell you that this splitter/under tray added enough down force to the front that it required about 4 degrees more wing.  And that was using our GT-2 LeMans wing that we sell.  There is no wing on the market that puts out as much down force as our wing. When you add the front splitter with under tray and tunnels, the change is so dramatic that you could take away 100 hp and still do the same lap times on a track like Mid Ohio"   -  Lou Gigliotti  

LG Motorsports is proud to release our GT2 Tunneled Splitter for your C6 ZR1/Z06/GS Corvette.
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