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LG MKV Supra 15" Kit

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  • 6061 Billet Spindles
  • Bolt on
  • Save Weight
  • Wilwood 4 Piston Calipers
  • Allows for 15" Wheels




AS SEEN AT SEMA The Heritage Edition MKV Supra is something we take great pride in being apart of developing some of the most distinguishable Supra products for the latest generation. We built a Splitter, Rear Wing, & Side Pods for the MKV Supra. As you know we are Corvette Specialists so this was a unique, outside the box and fun experience for us. Now that the car has been unveiled we are happy to announce the aero products we have developed are now available for purchase. 


  • Raise the car using a lift or a jack & jack stands
  • Remove factory hardware attaching the black plastics to the fascia (3 center bolts, 6 push in rivets)
  • Mock up splitter and check bolt hole alignments
  • Open holes if needed
  • Fasten splitter to the fascia using the factory hardware, use washers if needed


Splitter Side attachment points

  • From the bottom, use the predrilled splitter holes to drill holes through lower plastic
  • Slide the supplied attachment bracket over the plastic
  • Fasten the splitter to the fascia using supplied hardware. 


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