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LG Motorsports G5 Camaro Super Cool Radiator 10-11

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LG Motorsports G5 Super Cool Radiator Our latest release for the new Generation 5 Camaro SS platform. This huge, all aluminum radiator is just what you need to drop coolant temps on your Camaro SS. Tested over the last year on our One Lap of America's SS Camaro, and during this year's SCCA GTS Camaro it has proven to keep your SS cool under the most brutal conditions. Ready to drop in with no modifications needed to your car and uses stock hoses for connection
  • Direct bolt in.
  • Fits 2010-2011 SS and 1LE Camaro's.
  • Drops water temps over 20 degrees.
  • Accepts stock fan setup.
  • 160 thermostat recommended.
  • New radiator cap included.
  • LG Motorsports G5 Camaro Super Cool Radiator 10-11
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