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LG Z06 Track Cooling Package THE COOLING SOLUTION

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Eliminate your Corvette Z06 over heating issues on track with LG Motorsports Super Cool Track Package

  • Solve your on track cooling issues
  • Customizable selections as needed
  • Fits any C7 Z06 auto or manual
  • Bolt on install - No computer programming required
  • Works with all aero levels
  • Addresses engine water, engine oil, transmission, and supercharger coolant temps
  • Fits manual or automatic transmission
  • Ask your sales rep for details on what is right for you!

LG Motorsports Super Cool Z06 Track Pack.

After months of research and testing we have now released the ulitmate in cooling upgrades for your C7 Z06 Corvette. This is the kit your Z06 should have been equipped with from the start!   Taken from our years of racing and managing air flow and cooling systems on our race cars we built this as the most compact, lightest weight upgrade to solve the stock Z06 cooling issues on track. Our kit is designed to be a bolt on affair for the home user to do with no specialized tools.  We designed the system to be modular so this means you can add further upgrades as needed, or to work with other modifications currently installed.  No computer tuning is required.

Base Package Includes:

  • Twin LG 12 Super Coolers
  • Assembled intercooler hoses
  • All connection fittings and clamps
  • Mounting hardware
  • Inner fender louver exit ducts


  • Engine oil cooling package *
  • A8 HD Transmission cooling package (required when adding oil cooler to A8 equipped Z06's)
  • LG Super Cool Radiator
  • LG Hi Flow Fan kit


*Package as shown in picture includes Super cool Radiator and Engine Oil Cooling Package Options.  OEM pump and reservoir shown for ref. only

**Not shown install hardware kit, A8HD cooling package, inner fender exit ducts

***Bumper Not Included.

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