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LG Motorsports TrackBox Tire Pressure Sensor Eliminator

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This is what you have been waiting for!

Remove one more hassle from your track day enjoyment!!!

This handy device will allow you to plug into the body control module of your Corvette and completely remove the tire pressure monitoring system with no ill effects to the car. Great for road racers and drag racers that have been plagued by tire pressure sensor issues for years. No more will you have to worry about installing your track wheels and tires with no TMPS sensors.

This will also allow you to start the car with Active Handling and Traction Control completely turned off so you don't have to reach down and hold the button for 5 seconds if you happen to kill the car before a run. Your TC button does still work so you can turn those systems back on even with the box plugged in and running.  

Please Note: The information cluster will still show TPMS status which is incorrect and does not apply when the box is functioning.  For safety reasons this cannot be disabled.

When the box is connected in the ‘Track Mode’ connector position the vehicle will startup in ‘Active Handling Off’.  This is confirmation the hardware is functioning properly

Kit comes complete with box, wiring harness, and instructions.  


LG Motorsports Track Box Tire Pressure Sensor Eliminator Installation Instructions

LG Motorsports TrackBox TPMS Eliminator
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