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StopTech Posi-Quiet Metallic Brake Pads - Front

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Fits On: 03-08 911 Carrera 2 Turbo Look03-08 911 Carrera 2S03-08 911 Carrera 4 Turbo Look03-08 911 Carrera 4S03-08 911 GT203-08 911 GT303-08 911 Turbo About this Manufacturer: StopTech is based out of Southern California and is undeniably one of the premier performance brake manufacturers in the world. They partner with a number of successful motorsports teams to equip race vehicles with their world class brake products. StopTech has to date received three patents in brake technology.StopTech brake pads are the real deal. StopTech doesn't just talk the talk and claim their brakes are the best; they walk the walk and have proven in countless performance tests that their brakes are the best. Here are some examples:*Car and Driver magazine did a stopping test among several Dodge Vipers, each equipped with different brands of brake products. The StopTech-equipped Viper had the shortest stopping distance of any according to Car and Driver.*Sport Compact Car magazine did a stopping test among several Nissan 350z vehicles, and the one with the StopTech brakes had the shortest stopping distance.*Speed magazine did a comparison of stopping times for a variety of Vortech supercharged Mustangs, and the StopTech-equipped one had the shortest stopping distance.*European Car magazine did a stopping test for the Audi S4, and found that the StopTech-equipped S4 had the shortest stop in the 0-60mph and the 0-80mph challenges. About this Product: Comes with a shim.StopTech Posi-Quiet Semi Metallic pads offer bite levels similar to or greater than OEM formulas with reduced levels of noise and dust. Well suited to performance street driving under all weather conditions.Compared to other models of pads made by StopTech, the StopTech Posi-Quiet Semi-Metallic brake pads generate the least amount of dust. And while the noise level is quiet, it is not as quiet as other StopTech pads (like the StopTech Ceramic pads).

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Additional Info

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