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LG C7 Tilton Clutch Kit

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NOW AVAILABLE! Announcing the new LG Motorsports Exclusive Tilton Triple Disc Carbon Clutch for the C7 Corvette.

This is the ultimate high performance clutch, period. Reduce rotating mass by 48.1 lbs with this light-weight clutch.

The factory clutch weighs in at a whopping 66.7 pounds while this kit weighs in at an AMAZING 18.6 pounds!! Reduce rotating mass by 48.1 lbs with this light-weight clutch. This clutch offers value that comes in the form of long life and the fact that it is delivered with 2 extra plates that compensate for wear. This contributes to the very high mileage reported by users of this clutch. The clutch revs extremely quickly yet is very streetable. It will not squeal like ceramic or bronze clutches and can be adjusted 2 times. Pressure plate spacers can be added throughout the life of each rebuild to bring the clutch back in spec. Extreme torque capacity and light weight for fast revs makes this the only choice for serious performance enthusiasts. This clutch is a large street version of our American Le Mans racing clutch, built for the street and for long wear. The clutch package comes with different thickness wear plates that can be changed out through the clutch disks wear life. There have been reports in high power turbo import cars of up to 40,000 miles of extreme use. Even after the wear plates are cycled though the package, we offer a rebuild option where the manufacturer will rebuild the clutch back to stock specs. These features are why this clutch has great value and performance. It is clearly the best Corvette high performance clutch on the market, bar none. Steel disk options available

Clutch/Flywheel         Weight     Moment-of-Inertia

3-plate carbon            18.6 lbs        316.7 lb-in2

4-plate carbon            20.3 lbs       327.9 lb-in2

3-plate metallic           21.1 lbs       340.6 lb-in2

4-plate metallic          23.5 lbs       362.6 lb-in2

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