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LG C5 G2 Coilover Kit

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Bilstein is at the top of the heap in shock technology world wide. Their nitrogen filled separate chamber technology has been the standard of the shock industry for years. It was only a short time ago that the technology was allowed to be duplicated. We have used these Aluminum Body Bilstein Shocks as the core of our Coil Over package for years now. The valving was dialed in by Lou and Bilstein shock engineers on the track and on the street. We Built valving for street cars and for the race car. Of course most of you know the success that we had on track with the Bilstein/LG Coil Over package, winning races against some tough teams and drivers. Our Coil over package that we have been building for over 8 years for the Corvette uses the best and highest quality Hypercoil springs. I know that the Corvette Market would accept nothing less than the best, so Hypercoil was our choice. Combine the Bilstein Aluminum Nitrogen Filled Coil Over shock with the Hypercoil Springs and we have a premium coil over package that is race tested, race winning and street proven. Our Pricing is less than 1/2 of a similar Moton or Penske package with equal performance as shown on the Race track. And our pricing is only slightly higher than the heavier steel coil overs. And for the street, we apologize for giving you more than you need. But at LG Motorsports we consider that "Value". Here are some questions that you should ask when getting any Coil over package: 1. What material is the shock made of? Is is heavy steel or aluminum? 2. Is it Gas filled with a separate gas chamber? Because if it is not separate, the shock oil will trap air bubbles and reduce and change the effectiveness of the shock with each stroke of the shock. 3. What Brand of spring is being used? Hypercoil, Eibach, or some off brand with no name. The no name springs will sag and take a set, where the Hypercoil springs do not. They are "Pre Stressed" and blanchard ground top quality wire to insure that their installed height does not change. 4. Does the shock length cause it to bottom out when it is loaded in a corner? We took the time to have Bilstein build our LG Shock to our custom length so there is no chance of the shock bottoming under loading. If a shock bottoms, the effective spring rate goes to infinity and the tire is now the only "shock" absorber in the suspension. Obviously this is not a good thing. 5. Adjustability? Adjustable shocks work well for Drag racing because you need a 90/10 shock for the front and a 50/50 for the rear to promote weight transfer. But for all other applications, you need a tuned and balanced shock spring package that work in harmony. The knobs on the shock work well when you change your spring rate but if your springs are already correct for the shock then you will take the shock out of the range of the spring if you are just turning knobs. In other words: The rebound of the shock IS determined by the spring rate. The rebound rate is what is acting against the spring pressure. If you change the spring rate, you MUST change the rebound rate of the shock because a heavier spring rate will push the shock open quicker or similarly a lighter spring will not be able to over come the rebound in the shock and tend to "hang" the wheel up and reduce the tire contact time. So they both work together, and if you just change the shock rate with a knob without changing the springs to match the shock change, then you have just taken your shock/spring package out of "harmony" and it will not work as designed. Our Shock/Spring package was developed by me at LG Motorsports in conjunction with the highly skilled engineers from Bilstein. We at LG Motorsports have nurtured our racing contacts to be able to carry that technology into the street products that we build. *C5 Corvettes will require our LG Tie Rod and Bump Steer Kit* CLICK BELOW FOR INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS ON C6 CORVETTE LG Motorsports C6 G2 Coilover Installation Instructions

Due to current supply constraints some orders will be shipped with Swift Springs. We consider this to be a lateral move in both price and performance.

LG Motorsports G2 Coilover Kit for the C5 Corvette

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