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SKF Racing Hubs

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LG Motorsports would like to introduce a performance hub for your C5 and C6 with the heart of a ZR1. SKF manufactures the hub unit for the ultimate Corvette, the new ZR1 and is offering the same technology to the C5 and C6 owner. The SKF Corvette Racing Hub unit is designed to provide high stiffness during cornering, thereby reducing piston knock-back and the need to tap the brakes (confidence tap). It is also designed for durability and to maintain preload at sustained loading of 1.2g! All this adds up to faster lap times and better driver feedback. If you have upgraded your Corvette's performance, you will want these SKF hubs. Part # 5049D (1997-2008)-30 Spline Part # 5044C (2009-2013)-33 Spline

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