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Vararam LS7/LS3 Air Intake

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The new VR-SC1R Snake Charmer for the C6-Z06 represents the culmination of input and testing from racing teams, top tuners and our relentless R&D program. This has led to a product that has proven itself to be the most powerful Ram air system on the market for the Z06 Corvette!! 1/4 mile improvements of 3.5 tenths and 3.5 MPH with no tuning!! Simply plug and play! Noted improvements in both driveability and fuel mileage! The unit is made of high quality cross link material and unique with its Billet Air Meter, Green High Performance Filter and Redesigned Air Scoop! Changes to the Front Air Scoop (now standard for all C6 kits): A) Floor was raised 1/4 inch - decreased plenum volume for increased velocity into the filter B) Air inlet venturi raised 1/4 inch volume for large cubic inch capacity engines C) Increased flange area for improved scoop to airbox fit High Quality and High Performance - the VR-SC1 Snake Charmer C6-Z06 delivers both!!!
  Add a true ram-air intake to your C6 Z06 or C6 LS3 for more power!     *OFF ROAD USE ONLY*
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